Simple unix-like pipes

The file examples/unix.yml parses the file /etc/passwd on your system (if it exists), greps it for root, cuts some fields, keeps only the last line, and finally displays the result:

blocks.py -f examples/unix.yml

Over http

The graph located in examples/http.yml does fetches a file over http, filters it, and saves the result in a file:

blocks.py -f examples/http.yml

Twitter Wordcount with sub-graph

The graph in examples/twitter_wordcount.yml will count the most used hashtags on the AFP timeline. For that purpose, it uses a sub-graph, located in examples/topology-wordcount.yml, which does the counting words part.

To make it work, you first need to fill in your Twitter API credentials, and then:

blocks.py -f examples/twitter_wordcount.yml

Wordcount with Spark and a sub-graph

The graph in examples/spark_wordcount.yml does a Wordcount over a file, using a sub-graph for counting words. It will display the result both in the console and in a matplotlib plot.. You need to install Matplotlib, Spark and Pyspark, and then:

PYSPARK_PYTHON=python3 blocks.py -f examples/spark_wordcount.yml